Hunter XL2024 matchplate molding system, just purchased by Travis Pattern & Foundry to boost their production. This is the fourth Hunter machine now in operation at Travis.

Spokane foundry, largest privately-owned aluminum caster west of the Mississippi, adds to its already impressive capacity with new matchplate molding system

Schaumburg, Illinois (USA)-Travis Pattern & Foundry Inc., a major producer of aluminum castings for the irrigation, power transmission substation and general-purpose fittings markets, as well as the originators of Li’l Mac sinker molds for the fishing industry, announces its purchase of a fourth Hunter matchplate molding system, the XL2024.  According to Gene Johnson, project manager at Travis, “This new line will expand our already substantial casting capabilities for aluminum, as well as brass and cast iron work.  We’re seeing an upturn in our business and purchased the machine in anticipation of increasing demand.”  The machine is scheduled to be operational by the end of March, 2011. 

The XL2024 is a fully automated matchplate molding system, using gravity-fill technology pioneered by Hunter.  It produces sand molds up to 20” x 24” with shallow 6-1/2” cope and 5-1/2” drag (165mm/140mm) at 180 cycles per hour, using 400 lbs. (181kg) of sand.  Variable squeeze surface pressure to 142 psi (10kg/cm2) can be achieved in production.

Travis Pattern, founded in 1922 and now a fourth-generation company, is the largest privately-owned aluminum caster (over 7,000,000 lbs./3,181,818kg annually) west of the Mississippi and boasts a network of affiliated companies through which their castings are marketed.  The company also produces a variety of brass and cast iron products.  Travis products are sold throughout North America.

Gene Johnson further described his company’s use of their Hunter molding systems.  “We typically run jobs in the hundreds up to 1000 pieces.  The fast pattern changeover and the flexibility of the Hunter system really speeds our production.”  He estimated approximately 90% of the jobs run on the new Hunter machine will be aluminum, with the balance being brass.

For further information on this announcement, interested parties may contact: TRAVIS PATTERN & FOUNDRY INC. 1413 E. Hawthorne Road Spokane, WA 99218-3100 Phone:  509-466-3545 Fax:  509-467-6465 Web:  Email:

Attention:  Gene Johnson, Project Manager


HUNTER AUTOMATED MACHINERY CORPORATION 2222 Hammond Drive Schaumburg, Illinois 60196-1094 USA Phone:  +1 847 397 5136 Email:  Web: Attention:  Kevin Purdy, Vice President

Editor Note:  Please direct all publication-generated inquiries to Kevin Purdy at Hunter.  Thanks!

Agency contact for Hunter: Tim Daro Bernard & Company Palatine, Illinois (Chicago) USA +1 847 934 4500

Travis Pattern produces a variety of aluminum, bronze and cast iron products at its 220,000 sq. ft. complex in the Spokane, Washington area.  Sand casting, permanent mold and no bake operations are conducted here, as well as machining, heat treating and galvanizing.


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