No. 900 is a gas-heated 350°F(~176.67°C) floor level cabinet oven from Grieve, currently used for drying polycarbonate plastics. 100,000 BTU/HR is installed in a modulating natural gas burner and workspace dimensions are 36” wide x 36” deep x 60” high.

The oven has 4” insulated walls and a 750 CFM, 3/4-HP recirculating blower provides vertical airflow to the oven. Safety equipment, such as a 325 CFM, 1/3-HP powered force exhauster, is included as required by IRI, FM and the National Fire Protection Association Standard 86 for gas-heated equipment. The oven also features shelf supports on 3” vertical centers that are rated 200 lb. per level for a 1000 lb. maximum oven load.

Controls onboard No. 900 include a recirculating blower airflow safety switch, digital indicating temperature controller and a manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors.

For more information, please contact: THE GRIEVE CORPORATION, 500 Hart

Road, Round Lake, Illinois 60073-2835 USA.  Phone: (847) 546-8225.  Fax: (847) 546-

9210.  Web: Email: Attention: Frank Calabrese.

Agency Info: Tim Daro 847-934-4500


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