No. 816 is a 500ºF gas-fired, rotary hearth oven from Grieve, currently used for preheating and curing powder coatings onto electric motor parts.  Workspace dimensions on this oven measure 54” W x 54”D x 72”H.   350,000 BTU/HR are installed in a modulating gas burner, while a 4200 CFM, 3 HP recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow to the workload.

This Grieve rotary hearth oven features aluminized steel interior and exterior with 4” insulated walls.  Two 48” diameter hearths, constructed from rolled angles and covered with perforated metal, carry the loads in process.  Each hearth is designed to rotate for 15 seconds, every time the motor-operated vertical lift door is opened and closed.  The hearths are driven by a 1/3 HP motor through a gear reducer with torque limiting device.

All safety equipment required by IRI, FM and National Fire Protection Association Standard 86 for gas-fired equipment are onboard No. 816, including a 325 CFM, 1/3 HP powered forced exhauster.

For more information, please contact: THE GRIEVE CORPORATION, 500 Hart Road, Round Lake, Illinois 60073-2835 USA.  Phone: (847) 546-8225.  Fax: (847) 546-9210. Email: Attention: Frank Calabrese.


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