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Responding to growth in sales and expanded market opportunities, industry leader in rubber injection presses adds to staff 

Derek Williams National Sales Director REP Corporation

Derek Williams
National Sales Director
REP Corporation

Bartlett, IL – REP Corporation announces the appointment of Derek Williams to the new position of National Sales Director, effective immediately.   This move represents a return of Mr. Williams to the REP team, where he previously served as a Regional Sales Manager.

Commenting on the appointment, REP Corporation President Tim Graham observed,

“We welcome Derek back to REP. He brings us over 20 years in the rubber industry and his market knowledge is backed by very strong technical machine and material processing know-how. His new role at REP will bring us additional strength in project management and best practices. Current and future customers will benefit from Derek’s hands-on experience plus his knowledge of our company’s leading edge press technologies.”

For more information on this announcement, please contact:
REP Corporation, 8N740 Tameling Court, Bartlett, IL 60103-8146. Phone: 847-697-7210. Fax: 847-697-6829. Web:  Email: Attention: Tim Graham, President.

Automatic stripping of core-molded EPDM pipe seals

REP offers a simple and economical solution to a problem that is familiar to manufacturers of pipe seals.

The stripping process…often the stumbling block of the moulding process
When performed manually, the stripping process is often very difficult and productivity is considerably impacted; when being performed automatically, the challenge is to do it quickly without any heat loss and without production stoppages, due to overlapping seals. The solutions generally implemented in the industry today, such as molding with two sets of rotating core bars, require a very large press opening stroke to perform the core bar rotation outside the press and/or front and rear stripping units that lead to considerable space requirements and very high capital costs.

A simple and efficient solution
REP has recently worked on several projects and today offers its customers a competitive and profitable turnkey solution for reduced size on the automatic stripping of EPDM pipe seals of any size. You can watch the stripping process on

The solution can be matched to any seal size.   It is based on conveyor belts equipped with rotating belts, allowing for the individual stripping of the seals. The spacing between the bottom and top belts can be easily adjusted, thanks to a mechanical stopper system, thus making it possible to switch over from one seal type to another. The rotation speeds of the top and bottom belts can also be adjusted independently.

The belts are designed in compliance with a multi-layer technology, in order to ensure the reliability of the stripping process and the speed, while observing the quality of the stripped parts. In addition, the core bar in/out speeds on the kit (low/high speed, depending on the stroke limit) can be controlled. The kit is fully retractable for easy access to the cores on the rear side of the machine, allowing maintenance operations or more rapid production changes.

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Project example for a pipe seal of a nominal diameter of 50 and 100mm

The equipment
The machine proposed is an injection molding machine REP V69Y50 with a clamping force of 400 tons, including a kit specially designed for automatic stripping, a vacuum system, hydraulic top and bottom ejectors and ancillary heating comprising heating elements inside the cores to hold the core temperature during the stripping process.

The tooling consists of a 112-cavity mould (2 cores) and a 2-nozzle cold runner block for the part of a nominal diameter of 110mm. For the part of a nominal diameter of 50mm, we use a 208-cavity mould (4 cores) and a 4-nozzle cold runner block.

The cycle
After the mould opens, the ejectors move out to lift the frame-supported cores. The cores move to the rear of the press (electrical movement) and simultaneously the rotation of the two belts allows for sequential stripping of the pipe seals.

The runners are automatically stripped and separated from the parts during the core bar translation. Metal guides are used to separate the runners as the core bars index on the kit.

The runners are recovered in a receptacle inside the cage, whereas the parts are recovered at the discharge end of the cage extension in a receptacle or using an automatic conveyor.

When the cores move inside press, a laser detection unit is activated to guarantee no seal adheres to the cores. If this is the case, an alarm signals for operator action at the end of the in-stroke of the cores.

The result
On this project, the customer’s profitability requirements have been met. The stripping time reached for both types of seals was approximately 40 seconds.

The entire system is competitively priced, with an excellent investment/payback ratio. This is a simple, rugged solution that is both reliable and easy to control during production.

For more information, please contact…


8N470 Tameling Court
Bartlett, IL 60103
Phone: 847-697-7210
Tim Graham, President

Jeff Tanner

Jeff Tanner, Midwest Sales Director, REP Corporation

Bartlett, IL (Chicago) – Effective immediately, Jeff Tanner has been appointed the new Midwest Sales Director for REP Corporation, the world leader in rubber and TPE injection molding presses. This announcement was made by Tim Graham, President of REP Corporation, at the company’s headquarters in Bartlett, IL, near Chicago.

Tanner comes to REP with 29 years of experience in the rubber industry, having previously worked at a major OEM supplier to the automotive NVH sector. He has a thorough technical background in rubber injection molding, tooling and adhesion processes, as well as new product development.

Jeff will be based in Cadillac, Michigan and cover the Midwest region for REP. He can be reached at 847-514-8160 or

His interest includes fishing, hunting and camping.

REP is the largest builder of rubber and TPE injection presses in the world, with global affiliates and multi-national manufacturing locations.

For more information, please contact:

Tim Graham, President
REP Corporation
8N470 Tameling Court
Bartlett, IL 60103
Phone:  847-697-7210


Jim Wirtz Service Manager

Bartlett, IL (Chicago) – REP Corporation, longtime leader in injection and other molding presses for rubber and TPE, announces the appointment of Jim Wirtz as Service Manager for the company, effective immediately.   The announcement was made at company headquarters by REP Corporation President Tim Graham.

Wirtz brings nearly a lifetime of experience in the rubber molding industry to REP, as his family owns and operates Wirtz Manufacturing, likewise a longtime leader in injection molding, based in Michigan, where Jim learned the business from all aspects of mold design and contract production.  When the family business redirected itself into battery manufacturing in the mid-1990’s, Jim’s passion for the rubber molding industry continued, as he helped design and construct various manufacturing facilities across the United States, in the rubber industry.    “My entire working life has been centered around the rubber injection and extrusion business.  It is an honor to be part of REP Corporation and the REP International global network, staying in the industry where my grandfather, father and I have all spent our careers.  It’s where I belong,” Jim notes.

Jim will be responsible for the service department and field technician network of REP, a leading supplier of injection, compression, transfer molding, plus tiremaking and devulcanization machinery.

For more information, please contact:
8N750 Tameling Court
Bartlett, IL 60104
Phone:  847-697-7210
Attention:  Tim Graham, President

Corbas, France – On the occasion of the preview of its new V510 machine and the anniversary of its partnership with the Taiwanese company Tung Yu, Rep International hosted an Open House on June 17, 2014 at its headquarters in Corbas, near Lyon, France, resulting in a large number of customers coming together for the celebration.  

REP, the world leader in molding machinery for rubber and TPEs, has successfully demonstrated its ability to adapt to different markets and serve all the needs of their customers, bringing many of them together at the world headquarters here to present the company’s latest achievements and investments. Synthesizing the strategic choices made by REP in recent years, REP President Bruno Tabar observed, “Each market has its own needs, sometimes even opposing. Our goal is to adapt our offering to each segment by providing innovative solutions, neglecting none of the individual market needs.”  This includes further developing the range of high-tech molding machines ( REP Series G10) and modernizing production in Corbas to cope with a substantial increase of activity in the company’s core business, launching new product lines such as the micro-molding machine and the devulcanization equipment and developing industrial partnerships to access emerging markets, thanks to a complementary line of machines from our global partner, Tung Yu, the leading Taiwan builder of rubber molding and tiremaking machinery.

Visitors could see firsthand that the REP Group continues modernizing its production process at a steady pace by making major investments. The overall investment in the modernization of the plant in Corbas and in the product developments initiated represents almost EUR 4 million ($5.5 million).  REP has invested in high-speed machining equipment: 2 flexible machining centers, compatible with each other in terms of tooling and programming to complement the existing capabilities. As a result, gains in responsiveness, productivity and operating costs are expected. It is worth repeating that REP G9 and G10 presses, which make up the overwhelming bulk of sales, are entirely “made in France” as was shown on the product documentation of each molding machine exhibited at the Open House.

Visitors were shown the entire range of REP molding machines in the G9/G10 high-tech range, as REP continues to actively renew their product range with the development of the V510/300T injection press, which is the second G10 model (the first one, the V710 /500T, was unveiled at K2013 in Düsseldorf). New technologies are embedded on the G10 machines with a goal to improve performance and yield, production data communication (predictive maintenance, 3G link and auto-tuning for optimization of settings) and human-machine ergonomics. This further includes the low working height, especially for the V710, the improved visibility of the molding area and a double screen on the operator interface. Energy efficiency has also been emphasized and was the subject of a technical presentation during the event.  REP has improved each of the energy consumption sources on the machine: mold heating, injection unit heating and hydraulic power, while noting that cycle time is a major key directly linked to the energy required to produce one part.


Concerning the V510, which replaces the V59, it is important to note the increase of the clamping tonnage from 255 to 300T. The distance between columns is increased, as well, so that an operator can not only mount V59 molds, but may also fit larger square molds of 630x630mm into the press. A large number of specific custom-application machines developed for customers were also shown: dual-compound machines, stripping kits saving time by allowing hidden time demolding and rotary CMS machines with stations for operations including insert loading, molding, stripping etc.

In addition to launching the V510, the event gave REP the opportunity to explain to its customers its partnership approach with Tung Yu and to celebrate their 10-year collaboration. This partnership is built on two main principles: On one hand, REP ensures sales and after-sales service for Tung Yu compression presses, while on the other hand, shares manufacturing (partly in France, partly in Taiwan) of the RT9 basic molding machines. Shortly after the year 2000, as the industrial relocation to emerging countries accelerated sharply, REP chose the pursuit of this partnership. For a medium-sized capital-goods-producing firm in such a fluctuating business field, this was the best way to rapidly and safely set up a new offering, best-suited to local market conditions. This was achieved through the cooperation of a few close customers for Tung Yu, who as a leading manufacturer of compression presses with a strong presence in the Asian market was highly complementary to REP. As pointed out by Tung Yu’s President Chen Pin Yang in his speech on the evening of June 17th, “It was a real challenge for both our companies. Looking back through the history of us working together, it was nice but not always smooth sailing. A lot of dialogue and negotiations occurred between us and also internally in both our own companies, a natural situation. However, though our hard work, diligence and mutual understanding, we continue to move forward and achieve results beyond our expectations.”

Now, ten years later, the partnership has sold more than 1,000 machines, including over 400 RT9 injection molding machines.   The overall result has been very positive and justifies the continuation of this type of global partnership.

The evening was highlighted with live music in a festive and convivial atmosphere. Undoubtedly, this interesting and productive Open House will benefit both companies.

For more information on this event, please contact:

Tim Graham

8N470 Tameling Court
Bartlett, IL 60103
Phone:  847-697-721